What does Upya mean? Upya is a word in Swahili which means new beginning, and you will understand why we made this choice.

The Upya project was born from an observation : there is a lack of orthopedic devices adapted to the needs of patients in search of a comfortable, dynamic and most importantly, an economically accessible prosthetic foot. We designed THIS prosthetic foot: Upya REPRODUCES THE NATURAL MOVEMENT OF THE HUMAN FOOT and has many other qualities:

– Dynamic: thanks to its energy restitution blade made of fiberglass.

– Economical: delivered in a kit to be assembled for a reduced cost and spare parts available separately.

– Fully biomechanical: it replicates the best possible design – the human skeleton!

– Providing unprecedented comfort: thanks to its specific geometry and the materials used.

– With an extended durability thanks to its replaceable parts.


Easy and useful!

Upya is delivered as a kit to be assembled by yourself for an excellent modularity, a longer life span of the foot, thanks to the possibility to exchange parts and a simplified stock.

Upya is also the same foot from 25 to 29cm and from 50 to 110 kg, it is delivered with a stretchable foot shell which goes on the 4 sizes.

1 UNIVERSAL : Pyramid included to adapt Upya easily.
2 ROBUST: Ultra-resistant materials in reinforced polyamides.
3 EXTENSIBLE : Light and resistant foot shell, stretchable from 25 to 29 cm.
4 DYNAMISM: Fiberglass blade and square wire spring.
5 EXCHANGEABLE : Exchangeable and interchangeable standardized parts.

Upya parts are replaceable, so any part can be changed. For example, let’s say I feel that my heel is worn out after a few years of use. With Upya I have the possibility to change this heel instead of buying a new foot. It’s economical and ecological, you leave with a foot that performs as well as a new one.
Bye bye obsolescence!

Thanks to our biomechanical approach, we have been able to standardize the parts. In practical terms :
Upya is an adaptable foot from 25 to 29 cm (sizes 38/39 to 43/44). In other words, with the same Upya foot, you can fit a patient whose foot size is 25 cm, or 26 cm, or …, you get the idea.

Left or right of course!

Upya’s design offers a significant advantage for orthopaedic professionals: the ability to manage their stock more easily and at a lower cost. In fact, each foot can be disassembled and all you need are spare parts to assemble a new foot, so you will never be caught off guard, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for your patients.


A step in 4 phases, like the natural foot

Upya 1

"The heel strike is soft and comfortable, it's very pleasant!"

Upya 2

“Upya is very stable, it's reassuring and I feel more confident.”

Upya 3

“This forefoot flexion is incredible and gives new sensations!”

Upya 4

“The toe-off is easy, thanks to the energy accumulated by the fiberglass blade.”

Upya 5

"Upya manages slopes and tilts well, so I don't have to worry about these areas anymore."


Product specifications
Sizes 25 to 29* cm
Patient weight 50 to 110 kg
Construction height 140 mm
Weight without cover 635 g
Weight with cover 700 g
Materials Fiberglass & carbon, high-strength galvanized / stainless steel, reinforced polyamide
Mobility level K1, K2
Pyramid included Yes
Cover included Yes (available in 2 colors**)
Inversion / Eversion
Water resistance chlorinated, salt and fresh water
Compatibility with knee prostheses Yes
Compatibility with amputation type All
Warranty 2 years

* Size 29 requires an adaptor accessory

** The cover is available in light or dark colors.

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